A Pressing Question

We all experience pressures. These pressures repeat loud, disturbing, unavoidable, questions in our mind creating deep anxiety. When Jesus repeats those question, then we know, we truly are having a problem to face.

“Where are we to buy bread, so that these people may eat?” (John 6:5b) – surprised Jesus his disciple, Philip with this question. A question that brought the brutal reality of hunger to an unavoidable proximity.

The familiar “bread-question” we all deal with daily! Where to get it from? This question creates daily anxiety in us. How will we provide for our children? How will we pay our bills? “Jesus, if you are asking the same question from me, then we are truly in deep water!”

Of course, Jesus was not asking this question, because he didn’t know the answer, but he had other purposes by facing Philip with the brutal reality.

By emphasizing the surrounding reality through his question, Jesus:

  • offered an opportunity to Philip to discover his will;
  • wanted to reveal his glory;
  • wanted to involve Philip in his miracle;
  • wanted Philip’s faith to grow;
  • and wanted to meet the people’s needs.

The pressing questions of life coming from the mouth of Jesus are opportunities to discover his will, to reveal his glory, to involve us in his miracles, to grow our faith and to meet our needs.

What is your brutal reality that comes with pressing, unavoidable questions to you?

Do you see them as opportunities in Jesus’ hands for you to discover His will, to see His glory, to experience His miracles, to grow in your faith and to see your needs fulfilled?

I have a lot of those pressing questions! Plenty of opportunities to meet with Him!


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