We love stories

We all love stories. There is something in us that draws us to great stories. We laugh, cry, learn and get inspired by them. We live a story, it’s called life. Our innate fascination by stories points us to the Author who purposefully placed us in to the greatest play ever written. The humbling summit of that play is when the Author himself steps on to the stage. Only a few recognizes that the Author is incarnated into the story. Our celebrity focused sights are blinded to the humble arrival of this Author as a divine child. Without divine announcement we cannot recognize this Author. Without divine intervention the Author would never step on to the stage of our own story. Our story only has meaning if it radiates the focal point of that most magnificent moment of our Author’s play: His arrival on stage! Every story ever lived serves to glorify this Author. He entered on stage to “seek and save” (Luke 19:10). In this universal story we are the ones who were lost. The Author – out of His love – wrote us in to this story, He sought and saved us in this story, so He has the right to write our story as He pleases in the coming year, too.

By clicking here, you can open and/or download a story that the Author uniquely crafted. It’s a story that should never have happened yet it was divinely Authored. It’s a great read during a Christmas break.

Many Christmas blessings!

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