A dangerous process – Ps 81.

Read: Psalm 81

A dangerous process is going on in lot of people’s life: the process of alienation from God. The process is described in v.7-13.

Step 1.  – v.9. and 12. – We don’t listen to God’s Word.

Step 2. – v.10. and 12.b – We don’t obey to God’s Word. God gave a commend, they didn’t obey because they were not listening.

Step 3. – v.13a. – Our heart is hardened. If we don’t listen and obey the Word of God, He allows our heart to be hardened. The hardened heart is a result of a process, which process began with the lack of willingness to listen to His Word.

Step 4.  – 13b. – We convince ourselves about our own truth. Our perpective will narrow to our own understanding.

Step 5.  – total depravity

The process started with not listening to the Word of God and leads to total depravity. When someone closes out the word of God from his/her life the result will be that he/she will only have her own truth to stand on. And if someone lives his/her life on his/her own truth, will destroy it. Following our own advice and our own understanding always leads to depravity.

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